October 2021

It is with enormous sadness and regret that we announce that, after more than 20 years, JCL has been forced to cease trading by the effects of Brexit and the lack of government support for our type of small business during COVID.

Supply difficulties with key components, along with several of our suppliers going out of business and EU suppliers increasing the costs of supplying to the UK has meant that, for the last 18 months, we have haemorrhaged money and seen increasing debt to the banks in order to cover ongoing operational costs. This has eventually become untenable and, with no prospect of improvement to availability of components, or costs, we have had to admit defeat.

We recommend that you download documentation while the website remains available so you have it available if needed in future.

Support can be found with Quest End of Maidenhead, who have worked with JCL over the years and can assist with programming, diagnosis of any problems as well as advising on a migration path.


FlexiDim has shown itself to be a robust, reliable system with stable software and existing installations should continue to operate without problems for many years. Failures, where they have occurred, tend to be due to minor component failures, and Quest End have details of the part numbers and sources of supply to try and keep existing equipment in operation.

Here is a document with some guidance on keeping a FlexiDim system operating into the future.