FlexiDim Network Interface Version 2

This module provides the ability for the iPad and iPhone Apps to conect to the lighting system. It is fitted into the Scene Controller in place of the existing network interface and requires a connection to your wifi router or building network.

If you do not currently have a permanent network connection to your lighting system, a cat5 cable will be needed to your wifi router. However, if adding this cable connection is inconvenient or difficult to achieve, an alternative is to use a pair of Homeplug adapters. These route the network signals across the building's mains wiring, so all that is required is a mains socket near to the Scene Controller, a spare socket near to the wifi router and two short network cables. The TP LINK AV200 is a suitable, low cost product of this type.

As well as the iPad connection, for configuration changes, the new network interface supports 32 simultaneous connections from the FlexiDim Remote App, allowing everyone to use their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as a remote control.

Installation is very straightforward, requiring only a small flat blade screwdriver:

Switch off the Scene Controller, remove the case (2 screws), remove the existing network interface (3 screws), plug in the new interface (3 screws) and connect the cat5 cable, then replace the Scene Controller case lid (2 screws). As the iPad and iPhone Apps detect the system automatically, there is no configuration required.


The FlexiDim Network Interface Version 2 can be purchased online. You will need to enter your Site ID, which is printed on the front of your Scene Controller, as the interface is unique to your system.

Installation option 1 is subject to a network cable being in place between your Scene Controller and wifi router.
Installation option 2 is subject to a 13amp socket being on the same wall and within 2 metres of the Scene Controller.

If you choose an installation & training option, JCL will contact you by email to arrange a convenient time & date.

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