FlexiDim™ integrates easily with all leading Home Automation systems, such as Crestron, AMX. Logitech Harmony and the Philips Pronto and Harmony range. Screens created with these systems can incorporate buttons for lighting control, or light control commands can be embedded into macros that carry out a range of tasks such as turning on cinema components, lowering the screen and dimming the lights. FlexiDim™ can also pass back information about the brightness of each circuit as well as which switches have been pressed.

Apps, specifically for the Apple iPhone and iPad, are also available for free download at the App Store.

A serial (RS485 or RS232) link is available through which the control system can send and receive lighting commands. Alternatively, IR commands may be sent to a FlexiDim™ IR receiver, which is supplied with pre-learned codes for the Philips Pronto or Bang and Olufsen Beo4 remote. A TCP connection is also available.

If you do not have a system of this kind or just have a learing remote control, then FlexiDim™ is still able to control blinds, curtains, projector screens etc. directly.

Serial data format for Crestron/AMX/Pronto

TCP integration protocol