Configuration Utilities
A typical FlexiDim™ system comprises a core module (Scene & Switch Controller) plus a number of Dimmer Modules and Switch Plates depending on the number and types of lights to be connected to the system and the size of the property. There are also Relay Modules to allow FlexiDim™ to control certain lighting-related appliances such as extractor fans, window blinds, garage doors and water pumps as well as controlling non-dimmable lighting such as HID and Sodium.

FlexiDim™ is also available with a range of remote controls to suit various purposes from simple hand-held remote control keypads (for example to control your lighting whilst sitting in the garden), through to smart ‘learning’ remote controls for integration of FlexiDim™ with modern home entertainment systems.

Manuals & Technical Information

Switch Controller, Scene Controller, IGBT Dimmer Module, Mains Relay
- 270mm high x 190mm wide x 90mm deep
- Wall mounted, cable access from rear.

Switch Plates
- 90mm x 90mm x 2mm- Fitted in standard UK single wall box (35mm deep).
- brushed stainless steel finish as standard, laser etched legends

Dimming technology
- Selectable Leading or Trailing Edge or automatic load type detection.
- Electronic overcurrent
protection. Indefinite short circuit protection.
1W to 600W channel capacity. Silent in operation (2400W module limit)
- Programmable minimum and maximum plus on/off only for non-dimmable circuits.
-1 to10V, DMX and DALI interfaces also available

Case clearances required at installation
Switch Controller & Scene Controller,
- Top & bottom 100mm
- Sides 50mm
IGBT Dimmer
- Top & bottom 100mm
- Sides 50mm

Environmental Operating Limits
All components
- 0ºC to 35ºC ambient air temperature, 0-90% humidity non condensing

Supply voltage
Switch Controller & Scene Controller
- 220-240V 50Hz AC, 30W

IGBT Dimmer
- 220-240V 50Hz AC, 11W (plus lighting load)